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Privacy, Security, Encryption "There's lots of innovation going on in security - we're inundated with a steady stream of new stuff and it all sounds like it works just great. Every couple of months I'm invited to a new computer security conference, or I'm asked to write a foreword for a new computer security book. And, thanks to the fact that it's a topic of public concern and a "safe issue" for politicians, we can expect a flood of computer security-related legislation from lawmakers. So: computer security is definitely still a "hot topic." But why are we spending all this time and money and still having problems?"
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by VenomousGecko on Sat 17th Sep 2005 14:51 UTC in reply to "blah"
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First of all: Please spell check before commenting, especially since it is a one sentence slam on the article. The least you could do would be to spell correctly. Second of all: I think that those in IT can relate to this article. If we are on-staff IT we have certainly had managers and others want to use some technology without consideration for security. They want features and expect that nothing will go wrong as long as it is behind a Cisco Pix (R). I found the article to be good at demonstrating some of the security issues and the mindset of those in IT.

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