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Windows This week at the Black Hat Security Conference two security researchers will discuss their findings which could completely bring Windows Vista to its knees. According to Dino Dai Zovi, a popular security researcher, "the genius of this is that it's completely reusable. They have attacks that let them load chosen content to a chosen location with chosen permissions. That's completely game over."
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by CrazyDude1 on Fri 8th Aug 2008 15:45 UTC in reply to "Bottom Line"
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Your post is very inaccurate. Windows (NT based versions) are inherently multi-user. Each user has their own home directory in windows as well. And security is also very tight because the user can only write to their home directory.

The problem is that most people are habitual of running windows as Administrator. This was the decision made by Microsoft to make Administrator as the default users for people migrating from Windows 9x.

These problems are due to business decisions as Microsoft doesn't want to alienate users by forcing them to run as limited user which would mean educating users on the difference between normal user account and administrator etc etc.

It is a tough problem to solve. You either bite the bullet and let users complain or you do something like UAC and still users complain or you do nothing and then users complain about security (or lack of it).

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