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Mono Project Mono project founder Miguel de Icaza claims that Microsoft prevented the open source project from holding a meeting at the company's Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles. Microsoft states on its conference Web site that its 'Birds of a Feather' sessions are proposed and voted on by the community. But the Mono BOF was never listed for voting and therefore received no votes, despite the submission being confirmed, according to De Icaza's blog.
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RE: Just use Java
by raboof on Sat 17th Sep 2005 15:28 UTC in reply to "Just use Java"
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Bottom line of all this, forget about all this Mono garbage and use Java...

Actually, Mono is getting pretty nice. For example, Java5 is implementing Generics, but for sakes of backwards compatibility, they are forced to do it in a crippled way (google for 'type erasure').

Mono, having less legacy around, has the freedom to Get It Right, and indeed they're implementing proper Generics right now.

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