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Hardware, Embedded Systems It seems Lenovo is being selective in which markets get Linux on its new range of IdeaPad netbooks. "People in most markets Lenovo serves, including Singapore, China and the UK, will be offered the company's new IdeaPad S10 with either Microsoft Windows XP or a Linux OS, but Australian and US computer buyers will only be offered Windows XP according to Lenovo."
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I get more done in a typical day of business than most of the Windows sys admins do in two or three. This also depends if there is a Solitaire contest going on.

It may be that I am just on task and know how to get things moving forward and accomplished. Who knows? I say that having 'been' a Windows only systems admin for nearly six continuous years.

I do know that if I 'need' to touch a Windows server all I need to do is rdesktop into it. There is absolutely zero need to run any Microsoft software on my desktop or the servers.

Personally, I don't need to purchase brand new equipment or an operating system to get work done. At work, we've saved several hundred thousand dollars per year on just licensing alone. There is even more savings with re-purposed equipment.

The old proprietary model, while still making money for Bill, Steve and other Microsoft marketing billionaires, is obsolete.

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