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GNU, GPL, Open Source When the story about Microsoft shelling out $100,000 to Apache for ASF sponsorship broke across my radar it rather tickled my funny bone and my curiosity. When ASF Chairman Jim Jagielski declared that "Microsoft's sponsorship makes it clear that Microsoft 'gets it' regarding the ASF" I had a fit of the giggles and then, like many others, I started to ponder on the reasons why and what it actually meant. Gary Richmond explores Microsoft's motives. You can read the full article at Freesoftware Magazine
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RE: Thoughts...
by Almindor on Sun 10th Aug 2008 09:44 UTC in reply to "Thoughts..."
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I'd rather be paranoid than naive to the point of stupidity. Microsoft has openly waged war against open source for ages now, they think it's evil and anti-competitive blah blah blah (in other words they fail at competition).

Now.. if someone who's shooting bombs down your town came in with "sponsorship" during a time of war, something tells me you just wouldn't accept it.

The analogy might be a bit too far fetched but it holds, they are up to something which will only benefit them in the end and possibly damage Apache (which btw. is the same thing, by damaging Apache they benefit).

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