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GNU, GPL, Open Source When the story about Microsoft shelling out $100,000 to Apache for ASF sponsorship broke across my radar it rather tickled my funny bone and my curiosity. When ASF Chairman Jim Jagielski declared that "Microsoft's sponsorship makes it clear that Microsoft 'gets it' regarding the ASF" I had a fit of the giggles and then, like many others, I started to ponder on the reasons why and what it actually meant. Gary Richmond explores Microsoft's motives. You can read the full article at Freesoftware Magazine
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Linux Market Share
by bannor99 on Sun 10th Aug 2008 17:10 UTC
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The rabid Linux haters love to trot out the "1% market share" and MOST conveniently leave out that is ONLY ON THE DESKTOP.

Well, the computing world is a bit larger than that folks!
Do any of you have a smartphone? : Linux 5% vs Windows 12%
Have you heard of servers? Linux 25% vs Windows 65%

There is also the embedded market: Linux 35% vs Windows 5%

Linux is in no way kicking Windows butt, but it's very competitive in every market except the desktop

Also, let's not forget that the New York Stock Exchange has recently migrated from proprietary Unix to Redhat Linux. Does anyone here think they simply dumped their proven platforms to save a few bucks with a niche OS that has "huge problems"
If you truly believe that, there not enough water in the world for you to soak your head in.

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