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GNU, GPL, Open Source When the story about Microsoft shelling out $100,000 to Apache for ASF sponsorship broke across my radar it rather tickled my funny bone and my curiosity. When ASF Chairman Jim Jagielski declared that "Microsoft's sponsorship makes it clear that Microsoft 'gets it' regarding the ASF" I had a fit of the giggles and then, like many others, I started to ponder on the reasons why and what it actually meant. Gary Richmond explores Microsoft's motives. You can read the full article at Freesoftware Magazine
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How about this: The next generation of IIS will be build on Apache...

Very unlikely. They have just re-written IIS7 from scratch and I don't know what they would gain from Apache-code at this stage. Few versions back it could have been the case.

I believe this is only some PR-stunt, where Microsoft can easily appear as supporters of open source. Maybe to please EU etc. They just included FastCGI to support PHP by default in IIS7, maybe they are afraid of anti-trust suits.

Also, there is this quote that fits in this discussion:
"Love your enemies: they'll go crazy trying to figure out what you're up to." ;)

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