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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Microsoft, makers of most of the computer software in the world, tried to kill it with words, and Intel, maker of most computer chips, tried to kill it with dirty tricks. Of course, they don't admit to being attempted murderers. And when I introduce you to Intel's lovely spokesperson, Agnes Kwan, you'll realise how far their denials go. But the truth is the two mightiest high-tech companies in the world looked on Negroponte's philanthropic scheme and decided it had to die."
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OLPC is a success
by wanker90210 on Mon 11th Aug 2008 15:50 UTC
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I don't quite get this idea that Negroponte's idea has failed that some seems to air. If you Look at the world before and after OLPC, you'll notice that there now exists eeepc (and other cheaper models). So, if we ignore the fact that it's not the actual XO that is being spread, the OLPC program is imho a great success.

And come one, the UN is not known for its lean & efficient operation. Having the OLPC market taken by the fittest was inevitable.

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