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General Development For a technology that has been in stable release since May 22, 2000, PHP 4 has finally reached the end of its official life. With the release of PHP 4.4.9, official support has ended and the final security patch for the platform issued. With PHP 5 offering a viable upgrade path for the last few years, the recommendation is for addministrators and developers is to move to the PHP 5 platform (if they haven't already done so), which is currently at 5.2.6. For those who are not able to migrate their systems to the new version of PHP noted PHP security expert, Stefan Esser, will continue to provide third party security patching for the PHP 4 line through his Suhosin product.
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Upgrade path
by Chezz on Mon 11th Aug 2008 18:32 UTC
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We had a few projects written in PHP 4. I must say that our transition to PHP 5 was fast and flawless. Just refer to the documentation on their website with some testing you will be all set.

I am looking forward to PHP6!

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