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Hardware, Embedded Systems There's a new hype going on in the world of computing. I used to call them 'tiny laptops', but somewhere along the way, Intel's marketing got at me and now I call them netbooks. Every self-respecting manufacturer has a netbook product line, or is about to introduce one (Apple?), so I figured I would take a look at what all the fuss is about: I bought a netbook.
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Waste of money
by Chezz on Tue 12th Aug 2008 23:14 UTC
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I think netbooks are a waste of money. You can't see anything on that tiny screen. You can't store anything on that tiny drive. You cannot do anything with it except showing off to your friend how small it is. It cannot replace a desktop nor a laptop for heavy daily use.

I don't understand why people buy them. I have multiple desktops and laptops, I can't image my self using a netbook. It doesn't fit anywhere in my own needs.

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