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Linspire Xandros has announced the end of Linspire. The company says that it had too many for-pay distributions running around in the company portfolio, so one was bound to be cut. Linspire didn't make it. "Xandros purchased Linspire, the company, earlier this summer. This week, the company announced that it was going to revamp community distribution Freespire, basing its next version on Debian instead of Ubuntu, and using it as a precursor for Xandros Desktop Professional, in much the same way Red Hat uses Fedora and SUSE uses openSUSE. But the company didn't need multiple for-pay desktop distributions, so Linspire is getting the boot."
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Don't forget the many accomplishments
by drcoldfoot on Wed 13th Aug 2008 12:32 UTC
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Of the Lindows Team. Even though the project received many critical reviews, In it's younger days, this OS was cutting edge. Click and Run was a masterpiece for ease of install for a Windows convert. Having a Windows Feel with the KDE environment "Though not Perfect" was more of a Godsend for many other distributions trying to attempt the same thing. Let's not forget the lightening fast install.

For many power users of Linux and Advanced Users, this distro was almost akin to selling out.

But with Michael Robertson at the healm, I believe the project had a clear focus and Usability was a main factor.

The fatal flaw in this deal was the same as in most for pay Linux Distros for the Desktop. The expense didn't justify what teh end user received. Why buy Lindows when, like most startups, Customer service Sucked? Even Novell's SLED has paltry CUstomer Service for an Enduser. When you have a Free Distro such as Ubuntu that was also easier to use and have a community backing?

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