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Linspire Xandros has announced the end of Linspire. The company says that it had too many for-pay distributions running around in the company portfolio, so one was bound to be cut. Linspire didn't make it. "Xandros purchased Linspire, the company, earlier this summer. This week, the company announced that it was going to revamp community distribution Freespire, basing its next version on Debian instead of Ubuntu, and using it as a precursor for Xandros Desktop Professional, in much the same way Red Hat uses Fedora and SUSE uses openSUSE. But the company didn't need multiple for-pay desktop distributions, so Linspire is getting the boot."
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RE[3]: I knew it too...
by Mage66 on Wed 13th Aug 2008 14:09 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I knew it too..."
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I've tried most of those. Ubuntu is too brown. I like blue. I know this sounds awful... But, one of the things I liked about Linspire was the user interface.

It was familiar and smooth.

I like DreamLinux, but the 3.1 version is not easy to install. Again, it's not intuitive like the previous version was.

I like Xandros Home a lot. But, it hasn't been updated in ages. And I'm not Linux-savvy enough to connect to other repositories and roll my own updates.

Linux needs to use a unified installer system like MacOS and Windows does, so you download an installer executable and it installs the app correctly. No worrying about dependencies or anything.

Which is why I think Xandros bought Linspire. For CNR.

But, Xandros hasn't shown a willingness to support their PAID users who bought Xandros Home. I get ZERO upgrades. Not of the OS, or of apps.

I could stick with Xandros as my daily driver except it's years old, and so are the apps on it.

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