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Mac OS X An interesting article has been making its way around the internet the past few days, titled "Top 10 Usability Highs Of Mac OS". Mac OS X indeed does some things very, very right, just like many other operating systems and graphical environments do some things very, very right. The issue with the list of the article in question is that many of the items on the list are not exactly examples of "Usability Highs" at all.
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Agreed, key assignments are very inconsistent across applications. As a developer trying a loan MacBookPro, what killed my enthusiasm in days was the different ways to just move between words and pages, depending on the editor! All Windows editors I've used are consistent when it comes to ctrl+left/right and page up/down.

Another point: Items 6 (global menubar) and 9 (seeing many windows) kind of conflict. The problem is that if I want to use some menu command for an application that I can see but doesn't have focus, I first need to click on that application and then I can go to its menu. In Windows I can see many windows too, and I can go straight to any visible menu on the screen -- As Thom wrote, Fitts' Law is less relevant to trained users, so Windows wins again... For me at least.

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