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KDE Here is an interesting discussion of the changes KDE 4.x (via Mandriva Linux 2009 pre-releases) brings to desktop interaction. The article argues that KDE 4 might very well be the next big thing in computing, as it finally tries to steer away from the Xerox desktop metaphor we've all been using since the glory days of disco. While I personally don't really believe KDE 4.x to be revolutionary (I see it more as evolution with pepper in its butt), the article details many of the new things in KDE 4.x, and might make the lives of those first confronted with the new desktop just that little bit easier.
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I don't think he was disrespectfull. His arguments are very valid. If everybody would think like you, "why change anything, everything's already perfect", where would this lead? That reminds me of a nice German quote, I hope I can translate it properly:

Where would it lead us, if everybody said "where would it lead us?", but nobody actually went to look, where it would lead us, if we just went?

I hope my lousy English was enough to create a proper translation ;-)

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