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Mac OS X An interesting article has been making its way around the internet the past few days, titled "Top 10 Usability Highs Of Mac OS". Mac OS X indeed does some things very, very right, just like many other operating systems and graphical environments do some things very, very right. The issue with the list of the article in question is that many of the items on the list are not exactly examples of "Usability Highs" at all.
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RE[2]: a kernel panic?
by ggeldenhuys on Thu 14th Aug 2008 08:40 UTC in reply to "RE: a kernel panic?"
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Since I run bleeding edge -mm series kernels on my laptop I have seen many of them.

Just to make sure everybody knows.... kernel panics are expected in bleeding edge software. No matter the OS.

What happens is that the graphical desktop just stops. No mouse movement, no screen updates.

Do you know if Linux has something similar to what I used in OS/2. Back in the days when I used OS/2, I had a watchdog daemon running and it was link to any external switch - I simply used my joystick. If a system crash occured that froze the keyboard and mouse, I could click the joystick button and the watchdog daemon kills the hanging program returning control back to me. This was awesome. At the moment (under Linux), I go to my co-workers PC, SSH into mine and kill the process myself. I would love the watchdog/joystick feature under Linux though!

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