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Privacy, Security, Encryption Ars Technica has analyzed recently publicized Vista's security flaws. "Unfortunate, yes, but not as was reported in the immediate aftermath of the presentation evidence that Vista's security is useless, nor does this work constitute a major security issue. And it's not game over, either. Sensationalism sells, and there's no news like bad news, but sometimes particularly when covering security issues, it would be nice to see accuracy and level-headedness instead. ... Furthermore, these attacks are specifically on the buffer overflow protections; they do not circumvent the IE Protected Mode sandbox, nor Vista's (in)famous UAC restrictions."
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Ah, excellent news that the facts are getting out. Sure it is unlikely to be reposted on most sites like Slashdot and OSnews (as corrections are dull and non-sensationalistic ones are doubly so), but at least there are some very official statements to clear this whole confusion up. Makes my day ;)

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