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Linux InformationWeek is speculating on how Linux will change in the next four years. "By 2012 the OS will have matured into three basic usage models. Web-based apps rule, virtualization is a breeze, and command-line hacking for basic system configuration is a thing of the past."
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RE[3]: *shrugs*
by spinjax on Fri 15th Aug 2008 14:08 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: *shrugs*"
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While I agree with nearly everything you say regarding MTP, after all the MTP protocol[at least 1.0] was submitted to the USB forum, with extensions being published by MS.

The issue I've ran into supporting MTP devices in a project I work on in my spare time has been many MTP devices don't actually work conform to the MTP specs, they do a half-baked implementation and you end up doing all kinds of device specific work just to support it. With PTP there hasn't been an insane amount of deviation from the protocol, but extensions, AFAIK, haven't been added to PTP to allow/require DRM, which is where MTP gets messy on some devices.

user mode/ring 3 drivers are indeed common on every platform of major usage these days. People who argue that point need to actually write drivers for a living for a bit and they will quickly see how often things are pushed up to user land. The least amount of access a driver has to the rest of the system, the better IMHO.

fan boys..

Sadly every platform these days seems to have them[vocal idiots], and many are so darn blind they can't see the good in something that is not their product-of-the-month they worship.

*doh: didn't realise you can't add mod points after commenting. oh well. ;)

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