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Linux InformationWeek is speculating on how Linux will change in the next four years. "By 2012 the OS will have matured into three basic usage models. Web-based apps rule, virtualization is a breeze, and command-line hacking for basic system configuration is a thing of the past."
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Improvements All Around...
by Pelly on Fri 15th Aug 2008 15:24 UTC
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By 2012:

- Huge presence in the NetBook & UMPC areas,
- Increasing presence in PC & Notebooks as Dell, Gateway, Toshiba & others, 'openly,' offer Linux on their products.
- Big presence in Smart Phone & Mobile Phone markets,
- Earning consumer marketshare & business presence from Microsoft, Apple and Sun,
- Microsoft, Apple and others being forced, by the success of Linux, to evaluate/change business models in dealing with consumer & business markets,
- Software companies recognizing Linux importance & vitality with product releases. Imagine a Linux version of iTunes. How about Quicken for Linux or PeachTree Accounting. And many more popular titles running natively in Linux with no virtualization required.

The last point is critically important in my opinion and I can see it happening. Remeber the 1980's? There were many companies that would develop games accross multiple platforms. You could purchase Origin's Ultima games for Apple II+/e/c, Apple IIgs, Commodore 64, Atari XL, Atari ST, Amiga, PC (and clones), etc. EA Games also did the same thing with many titles, as did several other companies. BankStreet Writer was another multi-platform program.

Back then consumer wants & needs drove the bus, not corporate needs. However, corporate wants & needs seem to be what we have to deal with these days.

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