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Windows Windows 7 has been making waves around the net for a while now, and we already know some of the more encompassing goals of Microsoft's next operating system release. It's going to be built on top of the foundations laid out by Vista and Server 2008, but it will not increase hardware requirements. There's going to be a multitouch framework, and a new mystery taskbar. That's more or less all we know. Microsoft also said they were going to be more tight-lipped during the development process, something they will continue to do, but they did open a blog today: Engineering Windows 7. The E7 blog is written by Jon DeVaan and Steven Sinofsky, two senior engineering managers for the Windows 7 product.
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You take all this way too seriously, dude. I knew you did, but god, sometimes it becomes ever so apparent and it still amazes me at just how much value people can put into computing.

"OSNews is Exploring the Future of Computing"... And you are 'Managing Editor'? Perhaps it's time to rethink your role here.

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