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Linspire Xandros has announced the end of Linspire. The company says that it had too many for-pay distributions running around in the company portfolio, so one was bound to be cut. Linspire didn't make it. "Xandros purchased Linspire, the company, earlier this summer. This week, the company announced that it was going to revamp community distribution Freespire, basing its next version on Debian instead of Ubuntu, and using it as a precursor for Xandros Desktop Professional, in much the same way Red Hat uses Fedora and SUSE uses openSUSE. But the company didn't need multiple for-pay desktop distributions, so Linspire is getting the boot."
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No, it's not a black-eye for LinuxMINT at all.

What I think is great, is that they fixed it as soon as they found out, and sent out an apology email to everyone who reported it.

They also posted the issue on their blog.

That's honesty and transparency and I think that proves that the LinuxMINT folks are brave and truthful.

Good on ya!

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