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Editorial GoboLinux is a distribution which sports a different file system structure than 'ordinary' Linux distributions. In order to remain compatible with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, symbolic links are used to map the GoboLinux tree to standard UNIX directories. A post in the GoboLinux forums suggested that it might be better to turn the concept around: retain the FHS, and then use symbolic links to map the GoboLinux tree on top of it. This sparked some interesting discussion. Read on for more details.
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RE: My Question
by hobgoblin on Tue 19th Aug 2008 05:36 UTC in reply to "My Question"
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osx does the same as android.

basically it straps a whole new ecosystem on top of a BSD kernel and basic tools.

so ones your past the kernel startup your in a whole different world.

the only way to notice that your on top of a *nix system is by firing up the terminal.

apple could probably alter some libs, pop the BSD kernel out and pop some other kernel in and nobody would be any wiser.

kde is doing the same with their abstractions to exist on top of anything from linux to windows.

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