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Editorial GoboLinux is a distribution which sports a different file system structure than 'ordinary' Linux distributions. In order to remain compatible with the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, symbolic links are used to map the GoboLinux tree to standard UNIX directories. A post in the GoboLinux forums suggested that it might be better to turn the concept around: retain the FHS, and then use symbolic links to map the GoboLinux tree on top of it. This sparked some interesting discussion. Read on for more details.
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So why is it be so impossible to make a usable computer desktop.

It's not impossible at all.

The only people that can change the status quo are the developers. However, developers themselves are rusted stuck in old ways of thinking, and don't like change at all - and then they go and shout at users for being resistant to change.

Developers have themselves invested time in understanding and mastering the status quo. They are simply unwilling to let that investment go to waste, and as such, they prefer a crappy, old, incapable system that creates confusion and promotes messy behaviour simply because it's what THEY are comfortable with.

Many UNIX developers ridicule Microsoft for adding layer upon layer in Windows, but in the end, UNIX developers do exactly the same thing.

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