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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Me and Bobby Powers have spent a few hours smoothing out the process of getting fully-featured Linux desktops to boot on the XO laptop. On the whole, OLPC developers have been pretty good at getting code upstream, so only a few fixups are needed to get things operational on the XO." On a slightly (stretching it here) related note, here is a detailed guide on installing and optimising Ubuntu on the Acer Aspire One that we reviewed last week. I replaced the default Linpus installation with Ubuntu using this guide, and I must say that I am quite pleased.
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by toogreen on Wed 20th Aug 2008 10:41 UTC
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I thought you said you would stick to the Linpus installation? I'm surprised at how quick you changed your mind...

Was the Linpus distro THAT bad? Wasn't it much faster to boot than regular Ubuntu?

I have an EeePC and I've also installed eeeXubuntu, but on the memory card.. This way I could only try it out without deleting the original Xandros. I'm glad I did that because after a short while I ended up using only the Xandros distro, as It boots MUCH faster, and even tho is not as nice, still does everything I need when I'm on the go. Plus, everything is supported properly. Doesn't it bother you that some things like the card reader won't work so well?

Anyway, I hope you won't regret your choice and if so, that you have a way to restore the factory settings!! I would've warned you earlier if you didn't say you would stick to Linpus in your last review ;)

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