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General Development DevX interviewed Bjarne Stroustrup about C++0x, the new C++ standard that is due in 2009. Bjarne Stroustrup has classified the new features into three categories Concurrency, Libraries and Language. The changes introduced in the Concurrency makes C++ more standardized and easy to use on multi-core processors. It is good to see that some of the commonly used libraries are becoming standard (eg: unordered_maps and regex).
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RE[3]: what is C++ best for?
by saucerful on Thu 21st Aug 2008 04:28 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: what is C++ best for?"
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Fortran isn't touched when it comes to precision when doing Numerical Analysis.


The C library MPFR implements arbitrary precision math with correct rounding. It supports all the basic operations you expect as well as a bunch of others that I have found useful for my research (e.g. polylogarithm). Unless you're doing actual mathematics (in which case you want to either use interval arithmetic (for which there is MPFI) or work over an algebraic number field(I recommend using Sage)), there is nothing more you can ask for in terms of precision. As for performance, I can't complain, though I don't know what Fortran is like.

Off-topic: To be honest, I have neither agreed with nor learned from anything that you ever post here. How do you have 2 fans?

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