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Windows Steven Sinofsky, who oversees Windows 7 development, has really committed to keeping us in the loop on the new Engineering Windows 7 blog. In today's post, "Measuring the Scale of a Release," he discusses whether or not Windows 7 will be a "major" or "minor" release. It's a pretty good piece that really makes some good points. Read on for our perspective.
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RE: Not scared to switch
by fretinator on Thu 21st Aug 2008 15:11 UTC in reply to "Not scared to switch"
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I'm currently a Windows user and I'm not scared to switch to a Mac I'm just not willing to pay such a premium for their hardware.

Exactly, I'm not buying a $2000 laptop. It's not happening!

Can all Linux distros read/write to NTFS now?

Yes, any recent one can.

Also does anyone know any good back up solutions for Windows XP?

Look for SyncToy (one of the free PowerToys). You setup a local folder and a remote folder (or an external drive). In the backround it syncs the folders. A good use would be to have your "My Documents" folder synced with a folder on the network drive. It's brain-dead easy to setup.

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