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Windows Steven Sinofsky, who oversees Windows 7 development, has really committed to keeping us in the loop on the new Engineering Windows 7 blog. In today's post, "Measuring the Scale of a Release," he discusses whether or not Windows 7 will be a "major" or "minor" release. It's a pretty good piece that really makes some good points. Read on for our perspective.
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RE[2]: Hello Adam, earth to Adam
by MollyC on Thu 21st Aug 2008 18:13 UTC in reply to "RE: Hello Adam, earth to Adam"
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"Seriously Vista has backup solution that works
I'm starting to wonder if you've ever used Vista. Are you calling that ridiculous joke of a backup program a "solution?" Puh-lease. "

What's wrong with it, exactly? It does incremantal backups, uses shadow-copy under the covers, and supports automatic backups that can be scheduled a frequently as the user wants. What's the problem?

While I'm at it, you suggest bundling Outlook (or something as powerful) rather than Winows Mail (which you mistakenly referred to "Windows Live Mail", which is a downloadable desktop client for hotmail and other Live services). There are two problems with this:

1. If Microsoft were to do that, the EU would be levelling a two billion dollar fine the very next day.

2. It makes no sense for Microsoft to do this because Outlook is, as you say, "a for charge add-on that is a huge hit". If it's a huge hit that people are willing to pay for, why give it away for free?

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