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Gnome Last week, we reviewed the Aspire One, Acer's entry into the netbook market. The small but powerful device comes preloaded with either Linux or Windows XP, and we reviewed the Linux version. Even though most people will never need to go beyond the default Linpus Linux offering on the One, more advanced users will quickly hit the wall Acer set up: it has more or less completely locked down the Xfce 4.2.2 installation on the One. This bothered me - this is a powerful machine, so I want a powerful operating system. I went for Ubuntu 8.04.1 - read on for a few thoughts on how well GNOME's user interface fares on a small-screen device such as the One.
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Here is what I use on my Ubuntu laptop just right now (screen resolution is 1280x800):

1. Clearlooks Compact theme for GNOME (google it).

2. Fonts "Sans" (or "Monospace") of size of 7.5 points with "best contrast" rendering.

3. Toolbar buttons - "Icons only" setting.

The result is more compact than Windows.

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