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Linux "Where is Linux the most popular, and where are the different Linux distributions the most popular?". Pingdom has taken a stab at answering this question using the Google Insights for Search. Read on for our observations on the results.
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RE: States - was thinking the same thing
by jabbotts on Fri 22nd Aug 2008 12:34 UTC in reply to "States"
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I'm usually one of the loud mouths stating that statistics are useless and that while more accurate, marketing statistics based on license sales are only accurate for a very small subset of operating system. Even webserver logs are bunk for tracking anything less superficial than hits and error responses.

In short, I was/am scheptical of these figures but I'm scheptical of all figures (Linux based OS understated, MS products overstated and all that).

The first thing I thought when I looked at the distribution ranking was; "but I don't search for 'Mandriva', I just go to the repository site or and get what I need".

I think it would have been slightly more accurate to base the figures off what browser/distribution combinations Google was getting hit with rather than what search terms where requested.

Interesting article in a superficial way (PDF'd and in my library already) but accurate measurements are still a vapourous dream.

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