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Linux "Where is Linux the most popular, and where are the different Linux distributions the most popular?". Pingdom has taken a stab at answering this question using the Google Insights for Search. Read on for our observations on the results.
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RE[3]: Remember folks
by Gone fishing on Sat 23rd Aug 2008 12:17 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Remember folks"
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Microsoft has this fixation that if they get the country when they're 'young' and 'under developed' that later on they'll continue to want Microsoft software - in other words, the 'indoctrination effect'. There is a double edge to that - it is assuming that the end user will continue to purchase the product after their standard of living has improved.

Agreed that is Microsoft's stratagem however, it may well be that by selling cut down rubbish into the markets it backfires, if users feel they are being exploited other OSes look like a viable alternative and MS looses a bit of its mind share.

'cracking down on piracy' is a double edged sword in the end; before students could easily pirate copies of Microsoft software, now students are either going for Mac's with a cheap office suit (look at iWorks '08 for example) or they go with Linux.

Totally agreed by clamping down on piracy Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot. When pirating XP, or dealing with consequences of an un-patched pirate version becomes too much trouble then people may change to another OS and MS looses a bit more of its mind share.

This is the reason why I keep stating that this dream of the 'third world' suddenly becoming a new market for software is a fiction at best; these folk can barely scrape together a few hundred for a computer; do they really have the money to then purchase localised and supported versions of these applications.

Not sure about this India, China and Russia are developing fast, the West is going into recession, if the emerging middle classes in these counties have used Linux as students etc. why will they not continue to use it when they are affluent? A big Linux mind share in India for example could be very important in the future.

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