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Windows Steven Sinofsky, who oversees Windows 7 development, has really committed to keeping us in the loop on the new Engineering Windows 7 blog. In today's post, "Measuring the Scale of a Release," he discusses whether or not Windows 7 will be a "major" or "minor" release. It's a pretty good piece that really makes some good points. Read on for our perspective.
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RE[4]: Comment by tomcat
by ssa2204 on Sat 23rd Aug 2008 19:22 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Hakime"
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I've used quite a few laptops over the years (Mac and Windows), and have observed a fairly consistent rule-of-thumb: Laptops last no longer than 3-4 years. Desktops last 5-6 years (and possibly even longer). You can dance around these statistics (yes, they're anecdotal, your mileage may vary, etc), but I think that you'll find that most people will disagree with your idea that Macs will "keep working long after the cheap product has ceased to function". Laptops just aren't built to last, no matter how much you pay.

This is very true of today's new laptops with the hotter running CPUs we have. I still have a functioning 500 and 700Mhz laptops which I have no clue to their age now. The average lifespan of every newer (2Ghz+) laptop has been 3 years. I have two sitting on the side of my desk at the moment that are going to be stripped of their drives and then junked. Age=3 years. I could go on and on with anecdotal stories, but my point is not only to back up what tomcat says, but to say this:

Regardless of manufacturer, I would not buy a laptop these days without a good extended warranty unless it was an ultra low price model that was to be used infrequently. Every time a laptop was sold with an extended warranty, whether by our own use or for clients, that warranty paid for itself within 2-4 years.

p.s. WTF does this Mac vs. PC argument have to do with the topic anyways lol, is it a requirement for anything Microsoft related to always lead to some rant regarding Apple, Linux, etc.?

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