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Editorial Earlier this week, we ran a story on GoboLinux, and the distribution's effort to replace the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard with a more pleasant, human-readable, and logical design. A lot of people liked the idea of modernising/replacing the FHS, but just as many people were against doing so. Valid arguments were presented both ways, but in this article, I would like to focus on a common sentiment that came forward in that discussion: normal users shouldn't see the FHS, and advanced users are smart enough to figure out how the FHS works.
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In short, if properly done, it would only mean that you have to set the correct locale in the instance of Konsole where you are about to copy-paste the advice you've just seen in a forum, mailing list or IRC channel. For instance, if your system is localized to Italian, but you are asking in an English forum, the pieces of code you copy from there will have English localization, so you have to open a terminal and set English localization (just) for that instance of the terminal. Languages and locales should be like skins.

If each directory has a standard name and a locale dependent nickname, then hopefully people giving advice would use the standard name instead of the locale dependent nickname.

To make it easier for beginners to learn the standard directory names a GUI would display both. For e.g. you might see "/etc (settings)" or "/etc (regolazioni)", instead of just "/etc" or "/settings" or "/regolazioni".


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