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Editorial Earlier this week, we ran a story on GoboLinux, and the distribution's effort to replace the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard with a more pleasant, human-readable, and logical design. A lot of people liked the idea of modernising/replacing the FHS, but just as many people were against doing so. Valid arguments were presented both ways, but in this article, I would like to focus on a common sentiment that came forward in that discussion: normal users shouldn't see the FHS, and advanced users are smart enough to figure out how the FHS works.
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RE[3]: Basic edumacation.
by kaiwai on Sun 24th Aug 2008 21:20 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Basic edumacation."
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No, because /insert monopoly OS family here/ propagates that you don't need to know (or to read) anything in order to use a computer.

If you think you're unfair to the users in characterizing most of them, feel free to read this:

Lots of things are really stupid, but what scares me most is that I saw the stupidest things already.

That is just the tip of the iceburg. Be more concerned that these people can have children and vote :o

Hey, I wasted all my youth to read and to learn, should all this be useless now? :-)

To quote Chris Rock: "I don't need to learn that sh-t! keeping it real!" - yeah, real dumb ;)

PC-BSD provides something similar with its PBI package system.

They key is to bring all these ideas together, no use having 100 operating systems, each implementing one good idea. I want one operating system that implements all the good ideas in one product ;)

You said Irix. :-) Well, that's a UNIX system I really enjoyed using. All the power, but still a system that could be used with just atomic knowledge of computers. Of course, reading what's on the screen and a bit of common sense are very useful everywhere.

IRIX had a wonderful desktop; it was designed for graphics boffins; arty-farty people who have no time to learn the intricate details. When ever I see the opensource community whole sale suck up and clone Windows - I can't help but scream to high heavens as to why they're copying half baked POS when there are better things to 'clone'.

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