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Bugs & Viruses "Antivirus software on your personal computer could become a thing of the past thanks to a new "cloud computing" approach to malicious software detection developed at the University of Michigan. The researchers' new approach, called CloudAV, moves antivirus functionality into the "network cloud" and off personal computers. CloudAV analyzes suspicious files using multiple antivirus and behavioral detection programs simultaneously. Traditional antivirus software that resides on a personal computer checks documents and programs as they are accessed. Because of performance constraints and program incompatibilities, only one antivirus detector is typically used at a time. The researchers see promising opportunities in applying CloudAV to cell phones and other mobile devices that aren't robust enough to carry powerful antivirus software."
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by Earl C Pottinger on Wed 27th Aug 2008 00:33 UTC
Earl C Pottinger
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Aside from the mess that is Windows, does any other modern OS out there have a problem running multiple programs that scan the same files/memory at the same time?

If I can run multiple programs at the same time, why not virus checkers? Why assume I need a cloud?

As far as I can see what is needed is a common format for anti-virus programs to report their results in.

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