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PC-BSD "Not all user-friendly desktop operating systems are based on Linux; as demonstrated by PC-BSD, it is entirely feasible to turn a "geek" project into a piece of software that can be installed and used by even less technical computer users. Distrowatch talks to Kris Moore, PC-BSD lead developer, about his love affair with FreeBSD and the upcoming PC-BSD 7.0."
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RE[2]: .app
by Ishan on Wed 27th Aug 2008 16:48 UTC in reply to "RE: .app"
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Well, I noticed in OSX you just have to d'n'd an application for it to become associated automatically with its file type. I didn't analyze this too much but it's certainly some parameters in one of the .app dir doing that. Very clever but could generate conflict when more than on .app want a file type.

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