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Oracle and SUN OSNews reader rom508 sent us a note that apparently, Sun has ceased selling all of its UltraSPARC-based workstations, with only their x86 workstation offerings remaining. The Ultra 25 and Ultra 45 workstations, both UltraSPARC-based, are still listed on Sun's website, but are marked as 'end-of-life', with the notice that they are "superceded by the next generation Sun Ultra 24 Workstation [x86]". One must wonder if this means the end of Sun's UltraSPARC workstation line. As a proud owner of an indestructible Ultra 5, I must say, that would be rather sad.
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Comment by Tyr.
by Tyr. on Thu 28th Aug 2008 15:43 UTC
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They may be EOL, but that sure didn't stop them from selling us 6. I must say I don't understand, if they keep this up those workstations might be eventually replaced by HP's running OpenSolaris or even *shudder* Linux.

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