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Features, Office Everyone knows that Microsoft Exchange is expensive - but ubiquitous " and plenty of open source projects and vendors have been trying a variety of technical approaches to replace it. While none is yet a drop-in replacement, a PC World article looks at ways that some administrators can get a cost advantage by switching.
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RE[2]: FOSS drop-in replacements
by lemur2 on Fri 29th Aug 2008 06:20 UTC in reply to "RE: FOSS drop-in replacements"
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Just to clarify something mentioned in the parent.. Likewise is *not* a replacement, it actually brings your non-Windows systems *into* Active Directory. The free version is very limited, it is not much more than an automation for samba+keberos+pam+nsswitch setup tasks, which is nice.. until it breaks.. If I decide to join a Linux box to AD, I usually just do it manually.. or if the customer insists, I set it up using NIS/NIS+ & AD.

Just to clarify your clarification ... wouldn't it be possible to use Samba 4 as the replacement for Active Directory, and in addition use Likewise to manage it?,289142,s...

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