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Oracle and SUN Dropping profits and stock prices have analysts speculating that Sun could be a target for either acquisition or a restructuring in which the company would sell off parts of the business and focus on a smaller set of technologies. In a July 31 report, the 451 Group analyst firm raised the possibility of Sun being acquired: 'Sun's sunken stock price creates a relative bargain considering its roughly $4 billion cash on hand, sizeable intellectual property and patent portfolio, and of course, its respected technology and products'.
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Apple buy them with its pocket money.
by iwod on Fri 29th Aug 2008 09:35 UTC
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If what the article said is true ( Which doesn't make much sense ) that it has 4 Billion Cash in hand. Then Buying Sun is a BARGAIN!. It is currently worth a little more then 6 billion. With 4 billion cash it would means only worth 2 - 3 billion. So 7 billion cash to spend. Apple could easily do that.

This would bring Solaris to them. Label by IBM as the most advance OS on earth. OSX could use some of their enginerring talent.

MySQL and Virtual Box. It could help Apple to forge the necessary Apple Enterprise group. Where apple is WEAK on business and enterprise market.

So 3 Billion for all their product and enginerring talent. I think is a bargain.

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