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Oracle and SUN OSNews reader rom508 sent us a note that apparently, Sun has ceased selling all of its UltraSPARC-based workstations, with only their x86 workstation offerings remaining. The Ultra 25 and Ultra 45 workstations, both UltraSPARC-based, are still listed on Sun's website, but are marked as 'end-of-life', with the notice that they are "superceded by the next generation Sun Ultra 24 Workstation [x86]". One must wonder if this means the end of Sun's UltraSPARC workstation line. As a proud owner of an indestructible Ultra 5, I must say, that would be rather sad.
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There's a lot more of these cases - banks are just an example.

It's really amazing, how willingly so many of you are taking assumption: "my opponent is stupid" (wanna some flamming, or sth?).

You seriously think, that I'm not aware, that is was just example? That I really needed your explanation? Then consider, please, is it really me, who seems to be stupid.

What about things like airports, (air) traffic controls, harbours, multinational store establishments like Media Markt, Aldi, etc., the chemcical industry, research labs, and so on, and so forth.

The questions from my previous comment are still valid... did you compare the sales volume? Of course not. But it seems, that Sun managers did it.

The data centres and number crunching boxes that those people have aren't x86 machines running Windows or Linux - these will be IBM POWER machines or massive Sun SPARC rigs.

...or x86 (Denebs, Opterons or alike) machines running anything else, than Windows (or Linux). Or x86 machines running Windows, or Linux (why not, actually?).
Even Apple is making x86 machines today, dropped PowerPC.

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