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Features, Office Everyone knows that Microsoft Exchange is expensive - but ubiquitous " and plenty of open source projects and vendors have been trying a variety of technical approaches to replace it. While none is yet a drop-in replacement, a PC World article looks at ways that some administrators can get a cost advantage by switching.
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RE[6]: My answer is a no.
by DrillSgt on Fri 29th Aug 2008 14:14 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: My answer is a no."
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"I'm not saying that Zimbra is the sweetest deal on planet earth but just comparing the cost of the Exchange CALs to the Zimbra licenses isn't an accurate cost comparsion."

True enough, so along with Zimbra go the cost of the server and the RHEL/SLES support license. So if we want to compare, we still can, and is still more expensive. I prefer to deploy CentOS where possible as a server myself, but the fact of the matter for anything truly mission critical, like email, the bosses want to see the support contract. If there is not 24/7 phone support, whether it is ever used or not, you can bet if something *does* happen you may not have a job.

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