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In the News Linux guru and convicted murdered Hans Reiser was handed a prison sentence of 15-to-life Friday, putting a final capstone on a case that began as a murder mystery, and ended with Reiser leading police to a makeshift grave a short distance from where he strangled his wife.
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'I'm sure that nearly every murderer or even serial killer has contributed something of value to society (intentionally or not) during their lifetimes.'

Jeffry must, according to your thinking, must have added something to his special sauce, lettuce, cheese on sesame seeds buns.

Seriously, one of my degrees is in criminal justice.

I've studies the crime scene photos of your 'contributors'. These range from late 19th century ones to current.

These 'blips' contribute nothing to our species.

Maybe his murdered wife's first name should become project name as part of his punishment and to show our collective contempt for his actions.

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