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In the News Linux guru and convicted murdered Hans Reiser was handed a prison sentence of 15-to-life Friday, putting a final capstone on a case that began as a murder mystery, and ended with Reiser leading police to a makeshift grave a short distance from where he strangled his wife.
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Coral Snake
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First I would like to say that I don't think that the ReiserFS is all that important to Linux. Like with most people using the default OS that comes with their computers when they buy them (either some version of MS Windows or MacOS/X) I believe that most Linux users probably use the file system that is the default install system for their distro usually one of the ext versions.

And now in to this idea of what constitutes "Civilization". With your personal attack on Americans I would imagine you are probably a European addicted to the Socialist/European Union ideas of SOFT punisment for criminals and "gun control" laws as the means of criminal control. Well I would like to ask you two questions on this matter. The first is if modern Europe and especially England is so "civilized" than how come it has higher crime rates now than in the 19th century where not only in Europe but even in the "Wild Wooly" American West where everybody carried guns and they SWUNG people like Mr. Reiser had much lower crime rates
than now. Second if Europe is so "civilized" than why was it the origin of THREE historical genocides/State mass murders. (Turkey/Armenian Genocide, NAZI Germany/Holocaust-Showah, Soviet Union/Kulak Purge. I generally follow the line of Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership on these that it was civilian disarmament generally known as "gun control" that made them possible).

As for Reiser I already stated my opinion about him. The Europeans should have gotten off their "Civilization" high horse with THREE GENOCIDES on its record and swung him.

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