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Windows Dell, Inc announced on Friday that it will offer Windows XP operating system to their personal computer customers after the June deadline. Microsoft has scheduled to pull the Windows XP operating system from store shelves on June 30 in an effort to upgrade customers to Windows Vista.
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One of the major goals for every Windows release is compatibility, and they are mostly successful, more than any other OS developer. In fact, app compatibility is one of the main reasons for all the cruft that has accumulated in Windows.

I couldn't agree more. Oh and that is why all other OS's have much better (solid, stable and cleaner) code. They would rather rip out some bad code or design and rewrite it to fix it correctly. Microsoft just places a band-aid over it and hopes nobody notices - does that answer the other question of why there are so many security issues in Windows?

People have just been spoiled by the long release cycle for Vista. You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

Vista is more like a rotten egg! ;-)

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