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Windows A common topic of discussion in the Windows world - in fact, in any operating system - is boot performance. Many systems take a long time to reach a usable desktop from the moment the power switch is pressed, and this can be quite annoying if it takes too long. In a post on the Engineering 7 blog, Michael Fortin, lead engineer of Microsoft's Fundamentals/Core Operating System Group, explains what Microsoft is doing to make Windows 7 boot faster.
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RE: faster boot - why?
by el3ktro on Mon 1st Sep 2008 09:34 UTC in reply to "faster boot - why?"
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So you see an importance for devs, but still you insist that boot time is not important? Boot time IS important. I'm testing computers and software a lot in my company, and it's annoying to spend hours every day to just wait for Windows to reboot. This is just wasted time. Also, when you just want to quickly start your computer to lok for something you don't want to wait ages until it's up and running. Boot time CAN be improved though, my MacBook proves it: It boots from nothing to a fully usable desktop in ~30 secs. When I put it to sleep, Mac OS takes less time to wake up than I need to fully open the display.

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