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Windows A common topic of discussion in the Windows world - in fact, in any operating system - is boot performance. Many systems take a long time to reach a usable desktop from the moment the power switch is pressed, and this can be quite annoying if it takes too long. In a post on the Engineering 7 blog, Michael Fortin, lead engineer of Microsoft's Fundamentals/Core Operating System Group, explains what Microsoft is doing to make Windows 7 boot faster.
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by null_pointer_us on Wed 3rd Sep 2008 01:59 UTC in reply to "Comment by apoclypse"
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Here's my little two-step idea for resolving this:

1. Immediately following user login, Windows 7 should sit on an annoying "Loading your desktop..." screen. Each startup process should be named (using the readable name of its entry in Add/Remove Programs window) along with an indication of how much disk/CPU time it is taking. This way, any user should be able to spot the cause(s) of the long startup times.

2. THEN the Windows 7 development team should focus on making this "Loading your desktop..." screen take like 1-2 seconds max on a clean Windows 7 installation.

This would put the onus on bad application developers, where it belongs.

Sadly, it would never be implemented. OEMs are way too invested in deals with all those crap-ware developers. If Microsoft introduced a plan to point out to ordinary users that the OEM-bundled crapware was the root of the startup problems in Windows 7, you can bet none of the OEMs would jump on Windows 7. Catch-22.

Windows 7 shutdown times should also be targetted. When I tell Vista to reboot, it should not spend 2-3 minutes (no exaggeration!) sitting at a "shutting down" screen with no explanation of what is taking so damned long. :-P

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