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Google It appears that Google scored a PR success with their Chrome browser. In short, the promise is a web experience where web pages are allowed to behave more like desktop applications. This is done by boosting the abilities of common web pages in terms of performance, while also allowing 'plugins' to enrich the user experience of certain other pages. As it seems, the announcement shot at the heads of people who've been holding their breath for the fabled Google Operating System. However in the following text I will demonstrate that Chrome [based on what we are allowed to know] puts strain on the Designer and Developer communities, is not innovative (save for one feature), and copies ideas liberally from Google's worst enemy.
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by k.g.stoyanov on Thu 4th Sep 2008 06:56 UTC
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If they don`t make a normal offline installation executable, they will loose lots of potential users, including me and my girl - quote her "i am not waiting for the bus, i will not wait anymore to install this stupid thing"

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