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Google While Google's new Chrome web browser has been met with a lot of praise and positive responses (well, mostly, at least), there has been one nagging issue that arose quite quickly after people got their hands on Chrome: the End User License Agreement accompanying the browser. It more or less granted Google the rights to everything seen or transmitted through the browser. Google now changed the EULA, saying it was a big case of woopsiedoopsie.
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Lets All Just Calm Down Please!!!!
by antwarrior on Thu 4th Sep 2008 15:58 UTC
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Yesterday Morning I received the news that google was releasing a browser - I felt excited. I read the web comic and learnt about the design approach to the browser - I felt thrilled. I read the comments on this board and I feel dismayed, alarmed and stunned. This is one of the best things to happen in a long time because the code is freely available. All the problems any of us have with it can be addressed in an alternative version of the browser or our favourite distro could just repackage a sanitzied version of the browser.

Let me just say this. The issue with privacy boils down to how much control you have over it. I think we are reacting a bit overmuch over some of the privacy issues and the issues of data being sent to and from the google servers. I grant that google owning your data in the initial Eula was ridiculous, that has been changed but we still have control. Savour it, appreciate because its more than what you will get from Opera, Microsoft or Apple.

Antwarrior out.

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