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Google While Google's new Chrome web browser has been met with a lot of praise and positive responses (well, mostly, at least), there has been one nagging issue that arose quite quickly after people got their hands on Chrome: the End User License Agreement accompanying the browser. It more or less granted Google the rights to everything seen or transmitted through the browser. Google now changed the EULA, saying it was a big case of woopsiedoopsie.
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Comment by pinochet
by pinochet on Fri 5th Sep 2008 00:13 UTC
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I think the best way to approach this silly lawyer-ese stuff is simply to ignore it. I ignore EULAs, licenses and the like all the time. If the bits are in the wild, you just lost control. Anything more than that is a fantasy. Conversely, not compiling your own software that is secure and privacy respecting , you must assume that anything you do with someone else's software looks at everything you do and calls home. Any less of an assumption is dangerous these days .

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