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General Development Over at one of IBM's many developer websites, there's an article on new features of the Korn Shell. "New features of the Korn Shell provide system administrators and management with the ability to monitor, track, record, and audit every command executed by any user of a system. This is different from the normal shell history, and provides detailed information that includes date, time, tty, user, and the command. This information can be stored locally or transmitted in real time to a remote logging system."
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Comment by pinochet
by pinochet on Fri 5th Sep 2008 00:14 UTC
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What a neat document. IBM has a lot of these little mini-unix-whitepapers that are always fun to read. Historically, I have really disliked ksh and never wanted to use it, but this brings an interesting perspective, but I like zsh :o)

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