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Windows Microsoft's absurdist TV ad starring the odd couple of Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld is just the first volley in what promises to be a shock and awe campaign aiming to improve the public image of Windows Vista and position itself as a computing innovator.
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RE: New shoes
by bert64 on Sat 6th Sep 2008 17:34 UTC in reply to "New shoes"
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Well, with the current state of the economy, people would be foolish to buy new shoes when the current ones are perfectly good.

Therefore, people are less likely to buy a new computer, which is how most people ended up with XP.. Yes it was slower than previous versions, but the new hardware it came with was so much faster it compensated for it.
Buying Vista for an existing computer takes away money that could be used to upgrade some aspect of the hardware, while actually making the machine run slower.

Computers have been more than fast enough for the average user for years, as the new trend of small laptops shows...

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