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Google Walter Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal, who has been testing Google's Chrome browser for a week next to the latest version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, concludes "With the emergence of Chrome, consumers have a new and innovative browser choice, and with IE8, the new browser war is sure to be a worthy contest." Many cloud computing enthusiasts are overjoyed with Chrome and call it the first cloud browser or even the basis for a cloud operating system.
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Cloudy thinking
by alban on Sun 7th Sep 2008 00:24 UTC in reply to "god..."
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Cloudy thinking makes for nice fluffy little diagrams that an IT executive can understand. Sometimes things get so high level they become meaningless. Chrome is just a browser; google mail just stores my mail on some servers, there is no magic involved and drawing a cloud adds nothing useful to a conservation.
You can tell browsers are defective every day when you use them so they certainly need fixing.

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